School Improvement Plan Parents

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Fundraising  Choir Up to March 2012 annually
Fundraising / Buster Night School needs April/May/June 2013 weekly during April/May
Graduation Mass To honour 6th class pupils June 2013 each September
Develop Book Exchange Scheme
  • to support families
  • to utilise available books
June 2013 each September
Explore CAPER Programme to improve reading ability and foster enjoyment  September 2013 as need arises
          Development of                 Book Rental Scheme
  • to ease the financial burden on families
  • to ensure all pupils have affordable access to school books 
  • to foster an awareness of the re-use of available books
June 2014 annually
To purchase SRA Reading Labs to support the school in enhancing development of reading and comprehension June 2014 December 2014

To facilitate the purchase of PM & non-fiction books for Junior classes and NLD books for Senior classes

to support the school in developing literacy through its Lift-Off Literacy Programme and Guided Reading Apporaches June / September 2014 December 2014

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