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1:When someone is angry or afraid which hormone is secreted to make your heart go faster? Adrenaline.

2:Who writes the series of books The Babysitters Club?  Ann Martin.

3:Litmus paper can turn red or blue when dipped into a liquid. What colour does it turn if dipped into an acid? Red.

4:When a Doctor practices pediatrics, what sort of patients does he have? Children.

5:What is the largest island off the coast of Ireland?  Achill Island.

6:What was the plant used in the great linen industry in Ulster? Flax.

7: How many eggs in a gross? 144 [A dozen dozen!}

8:The boiling point of water is 212°Fahrenheit. What is it in Centigrade? 100°Centigrade.

9: What force stops us from falling off the earth into space? Gravity.

10:Manila is the capital of which country? The Philippines.

11:What is the name for tropical storms in the China sea? Typhoons.

12:The Moslem people have a period of religious fasting. What is it called? Ramadan.

13:If you were a somnambulist, what would you be apt to do?   Walk in your sleep.

14: The time at which the sun crosses the equator and day and night are of equal length is known as what? Equinox.

15:Which is the most westerly  county in Ireland? Kerry. Dunmore Head.

16: What do you call the line where the land or sea meets the sky? The horizon.

17:In what county are the Maumturk Mountains? Galway.

18:Who lives in the Mansion House in Dublin? The Lord Mayor

19:According to Greek legend, what happened to anybody who looked directly at Medusa? They turned into stone. [When Medusa was decapitated she turned into Pegasus, the winged horse.]

20: What is the famous limestone region in Clare known as? The Burren.

21:When did St. Patrick first come to Ireland? 432 AD.

22:In ancient Ireland what was a “Gallowglass”?   A soldier for hire. A mercenary.

23:In mythology who was Oisín’s son? Oscar.

24:On what island is the Dún Aengus fort located?    Inishmore of the Aran Islands.

25:Roundwood, Ireland’s highest village is in which county? Wicklow.

26:What type of boot is named after a famous British general and Prime Minister? Wellington.

27:In what county is Gweedore? Donegal

28:Where in Ireland is the Cross of the Scriptures? Clonmacnoise.

29:Who was the only Irish playwright to win an Oscar?    G.B. Shaw. He is the only person to have won both an Oscar and a Nobel prize.

30:Bloomsday falls on what day in June? The 16th.

31: Which German count invented airships? Count Zeppelin.

32:What Irish county stretches the farthest north? Donegal.

33:In what county is Lough Conn? Co. Mayo.

34:What is Ireland’s smallest mammal? The Pygmy Shrew.

35:What is the home of an otter called? A holt.

36:Cahir Castle is built in the middle of which river? The River Suir.

37:In what county is the Ards Peninsula? Co. Down

38:In what county is Spancel Hill?    Co. Clare

39:In what city would you find the Spanish Arch? Galway.

40:Who walked to London with his cat? Dick Whittington.

41:What is the vitamin we get from sunlight? Vitamin D

42:What is the capital of Austria? Vienna.

43: An invention that is just a double loop of wire is in use in every office in the world. What did Norwegian Johann Valer invent in 1900?
       The paper clip.

44:Donegal Point is in which county? Clare.

45:Horology is the study of what? Time/         [Hour]

46:What woman wiped the face of Jesus on the way to Calvary? Veronica. 

47:What is the plural of ox? Oxen

48:In which continent is the Gobi desert? Asia.

49:Samuel Colt’s invention is linked with the Wild West? What did he invent.?The revolver or six shooter.

50:Where is Knock airport? Mayo.

51.What is a monocle? A single eye piece.

52:Valencia Island is located off the coast of which county? Kerry

53:The decathalon is an athletic competition made up of how many events? Ten

54:Where was the birthplace of the prophet Mohammed? Mecca.

55:Where is the Book of Kells kept? Trinity College Dublin.

56:Brittany is an area of which country? Northern France.

57: After which gemstone is Ireland named? Emerald.

58:What is the national anthem of America?

59:In which city would you find “The Wailing Wall”? Jerusalem.

60:What was unusual about legendry Greek warriors the Amazons? They were all women.






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