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Quiz Practice 3    

1:Which sea does the river Nile flow into? Mediterranean.
2: What was the bombing of London in World War II called? The Blitz.
3: Which is the tallest animal? Giraffe.[Group name:Tower]
4: Which is the world’s biggest animal? The Blue Whale.
5: What is the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Australia made of? Coral.
6: What was the Luftwaffe? German air force.
7: What are Judo, Kung Fu and Kendo examples of? Martial arts.
8: Children have a faster pulse rate than adults? True or false. True.
9: The Union and Confederate forces fought in which war? American Civil war.

10: Who was the messenger for the Roman Gods? Mercury.
11: Which animal does ham and pork come from? The pig.
12: Which country do the Springboks represent? South Africa.
13: What  makes up a galaxy? Stars.
14: Where would you likely meet a Maori? New Zealand.
15: Where is the mane of a horse? Down the back of it’s neck.
16: What kind of fruit does a vine produce? Grapes.
17: Which Indian leader lead his country in peaceful resistance? Mahatma Gandhi.
18: If a king abdicates, what does he do? He gives up his throne.:
19: Napoleon Bonaparte was the leader of which country? France.
20: What is chocolate made from? Cocoa beans.
21: What is a young deer called? Fawn.
22: What are the uprights of cricket wickets called? Stumps.
23:: How many fiddlers had Old King Cole? Three.
24: Which bird lays the biggest eggs? The ostrich.
25: Does air have weight? Yes.
26: What are forget-me-nots and marigolds examples of ?
27:What is an ingot? A brick shaped bar of gold.
28: In which game is a shuttlecock used? Badminton.
29: In which century is 1356? The 14th.
30: Where is Ayers rock? Australia.
31: Where  are your incisors? In your mouth: they are teeth.
32: How many wives did Henry VIII have? Six.
33:Which is the longest and narrowest country? Chile.
34: What is an ellipse? A flattened circle.
35: Who defeated Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo in 1815? Wellington.

36: Cox and Golden Delicious are types of which fruit? Apples.
37: What is an oasis? A fertile place in the desert.
38:What fleet of ships tried to invade England in 1588?
The Spanish Armada.
39: Which country has the largest population? China.
40:What is a  large group of lions called? A pride.
41: In which sport are there line outs, scrums and tries? Rugby.
42: What is the longest river in the world? The Nile.
43: On which tree do acorns grow? Oak. [Volga – Europe.]
44:What is a lathe? A machine to shape wood or metal.
45:What did Johanes Guttenberg invent? Printing.
46: Where did the Vikings come from? Scandinavia.
47:How many bones does an adult have? 206.
48:Where is Kennedy airport? New York.
49: Which ancient country invented paper, gunpowder, ice cream, kites silk making? China
50:What did suffragettes fight for? Votes for women.
51: Which ocean surrounds Africa to the east?  The Indian Ocean.
52:What did Samson lose when Delilah cut his hair? His strength.
53: Who was the Lone Rangers companion? Tonto.
54:In 1759 roller skates were invented in which country? Belgium.
55:Which range of mountains separates Spain from France? The Pyrenees
56: Where was the frontiers man  Davey Crockett killed? The Alamo.

57: What is the name of the day when the sun is nearest to the equator? Equinox.
58: What are Purim, Hanukkah and Yom Kippur? Major holidays in Judaism.
59: What order of mammals do humans fall into? Primates.
60:What is a group of crows called? A murder.
[Ravens: Group name “An unkindness”]


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