Sensory Room

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Callum O' Leary, Senior Infants along with some classmates cut the ribbon on our new Sensory Room on 23/05/2017.  This followed many months of hard work and preparation by all involved but most especially Ms. Anne Marie Allen, Special Needs Assistant, whose drive and enthusiasm made it all possible.   The incorporation of a sensory room into the school's timetable adds a very important dimension to the school's provision for pupils with special needs.  Many schools are now beginning to recognise the particular sensory challenges faced by children who are on the autism spectrum or who have been diagnosed with sensory processing disorder or sensory integration disorder.  Sensory rooms are designed to "both calm  and stimulate the senses" in children with special needs.

The room is designed to remove distractions and uses special lighting, fiber optics and bubbles to stimulate different parts of the brain and help children to focus.