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6th Green Flag

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Congratulations to our pupils and school community on achieving our latest Green-Schools flag! The Green Flag was presented to our school by An Taisce on May 3rd at the Radisson Blu, Cork.  Only 4 people from each school could attend the presentation- Leah Ann Culloty and Dylan Arellano were our representatives on the day.  












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Holy Family School received their 5th International Green Flag Award (Bio Diversity Theme).  They were presented with the Green Flag by An Taisce on 26th May at the Silver Springs Hotel, Cork.  A special word of congratulations to Mrs. Carmody, Green Schools' co-ordinator and her Green Schools' Committee for their hard work and dedication!  

 For more information:-    GREEN SCHOOLS - Bio Diversity  




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Most young people care deeply about environmental issues, and wish to make a positive change in the environment around them. The Green School Programme provides an ideal way for fostering environmental awareness in the entire school and it is an intrinsic part of the life and ethos of the Holy Family School.

Litter and waste

Our school received its first green flag for reducing litter and waste in our school in May 2004.   We established a Green-school  committee which consisted of pupils, staff and parents. The committees first initiative was to encourage the pupils to use a lunchbox with a lid and to avoid using cling-film and aluminium foil. We also put in place a recycling bin for cardboard, wastepaper, newspaper and office paper; a recycling bin for batteries and collected old mobile phones to send to the Jack and Jill foundation.   In each classroom we have two bins: one for recycled paper, one for ordinary rubbish.   The Green-school representatives are assigned the job of giving a mark out of 10 to each class to encourage less waste. In those first two years we reduced our waste going to landfill by 70%.


We received our second green flag in 2006 for energy.   We focused on educating ourselves and others at home and in the community about energy saving.   We looked at various ways in which we could be more energy efficient in school and at home, such as keeping outside doors closed to keep the heat in, not leaving electrical equipment on standby, turning off lights and reducing the thermostat by a degree or two.

In school we encouraged the children in each classroom  to turn off the lights, to make sure that blinds and windows are closed and that all electrical equipment are powered off at the electrical sockets.   We reduced our energy usage by 20%.


The next flag we were awarded was for water.   Again, as in previous years, the Green-school  committee set out targets at the beginning of the year.   We ran various events to increase the pupils, staff  and parents awareness on our green theme.   Events included poetry and art competitions, action days, visits from outside agencies and drama groups.   We learned about water saving in class and highlighted people’s use of water in the home encouraging them to reuse water for gardening and to take showers instead of baths.


The fourth theme we worked on was travel.   All children were encouraged to walk, cycle, park  ‘n stride, carpool or take the bus to school.   We put in place various initiatives to encourage the children.   All the children who took part were given a high visibility jacket to wear to school so that they could be seen by cars on the road.   We ran workshops on safe cycling skills on  the road and installed a new bicycle shelter on our school grounds.  

We had a  w.o.t day which stands for walk on Tuesday.   The green school committee would record in each class the number of children who had walked, cycled or taken the bus to school.   The winning class were awarded a homework pass.  



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On Thursday, May 17th 2012 Holy Family School was awarded their 4th Green Flag under the Travel Theme.  The awards ceremony took place in The Silver Springs Hotel in Cork City.  Holy Family School was represented on the day by Mr. Ed O’ Brien (Principal), Mr. Anthony O’ Sullivan (Green Schools Co-ordinator) and pupils Seán Murphy and Thomas Dwyer.

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 On Thursday, May 19th 2012 Holy Family School was awarded their 4th Green Flag under the Travel Theme.  The awards ceremony took place in The Silver Springs Hotel in Cork City.  Holy Family School was represented on the day by Mr. Ed O’ Brien (Principal), Mr. Anthony O’ Sullivan (Green Schools Co-ordinator) and pupils Seán Murphy and Thomas Dwyer.

Green Flag awards form part of the Green Schools initiative which is an international environmental education programme offering well defined and planned approaches to schools to incorporate environmental issues into the curriculum and to apply them to the day-to-day running of the school.

Green Schools is run by An Taisce in corporation with local authorities throughout Ireland.  It is an initiative of FEE (Foundation for Environmental Education) and is referred to internationally as Eco- Schools.  The project is operating in 37 countries and beyond. 

2012 is the 16th year of the Green Schools in Ireland programme and there are in excess of 90 successful schools in Kerry flying the Green Flag for environmental excellence. 


There are 7 steps to be completed in each theme before an application for a Green Flag can be made.  The school is then inspected by a representative of An Taisce before finally receiving the award.  Some of the elements of the Travel Theme included walking and cycling initiatives, public transport surveys, car pooling, park ‘n stride schemes, the Walking  Bus and Walk to School Week which takes place on May 21st – 25th 2012.

Holy Family School would like to express their thanks to Micheál Ó Coileáin who is employed as an Environmental Awareness Officer with Kerry County Council  and Ms. Angela Wall, Travel Education & Development Officer  with An Taisce for all their assistance. 

Mr. O’ Brien would like to thank the staff and pupils of Holy Family School for their commitment and co-operation.  A special word of thanks to 5th class teacher, Mr. Anthony O’ Sullivan,  for all his hard work and dedication to the programme

 Holy Family School is now in its eight year of participation in the programme. Each topic spans a two year period.  Our school has so far achieved green flags in Litter & Waste, Energy, Water and Travel.  Our next topic is Bio-Diversity which overlaps with much of the work already carried out.



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