School Attire

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Wearing of the Holy Family School uniform is mandatory on all days except on your child’s P.E. day when the school tracksuit must be worn. Your child will be informed of his/her P.E. day each September by his teacher.

If for some exceptional reason your child is not wearing his/her uniform, a note should be sent to the class teacher.



             Girls:       Grey gym slip/skirt/trousers, cream shirt,

                             Holy Family School jumper with crest,

                             Holy Family School tie, grey socks/tights.





             Boys:      Grey trousers, cream shirt,  

                             Holy Family School jumper with crest  

                             Holy Family School tie.  






  • Holy Family School tracksuit is available only from Shindig, Ashe St., Tralee.  
  • Holy Family School uniform is available from the following outlets:-   

                -   Shindig, Ashe St., Tralee  

                -   Dan Fitzgerald, The Mall, Tralee



Black shoes/runners/boots. For young pupils who cannot tie their own laces, shoes with ‘Velcro’ type fasteners are highly recommended.



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